Friday, January 13, 2012

Wisconsin Hardcore Punk.

Wisconsin has a pretty shitty hardcore scene right now. There's a few bands doing some things but for the most part it's pretty lack luster. I'm gonna post some bands from my home state that were better than most every band from Chicago in the 1980's.

The Clitboys were from Milwaukee. Some girl Chris Ellis knows lived in a house with some Clitboys graffiti in the basement. These guys were pretty liberal and open minded with songs like Gay's OK and the like, I think it's cool that they weren't just meat head hardcore. They were probably the closest thing to a straight edge band Wisconsin had back then. The music is fast paced and the drumming is pretty awesome. I've only seen one or two photos of the band and they seem like they're pretty much regular dudes that discovered punk as an outlet for some of their ideas. Pretty awesome band.
Mecht Mensch/Tar Babies were two bands from Madison. They skated, shared members, and played pretty gritty and fast hardcore. I don't know much about these bands other than I like the sound of this split record. The raw recording sound on it is awesome. Tar Babies sort of remind me of Void at times with Deep Wound type vocals and most of their songs are under a minute. Mecht Mensch are a bit cleaner and play with a bit more song structure and the bass is pretty good. Wish I knew more about them but Tar Babies has a website. I think Tar Babies might have become more melodic later on and gone a bit soft. Mecht Mensch only put out one 7" after this.
Die Kruezen are probably the best known Wisconsin band. Milwaukee punks that were making it up as they went along... before there were rules to hardcore. Just listen to it, the song writing is pretty good. This has the Cows & Beer 7" on it which I feel is essential listening.

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