Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back 2 Back.

These bands are sort of old news now in this here information age but I still think as far as bands trying to sound like youth crew Wilkes Barre, PA bands and label Back to Back are holding it down. I figured I'd post some of the bands demos that I've been listening to frequently. My record player that converts to MP3 is acting a fool so I can't do much aside from post downloads I have on my iTunes.

First up, Stick Together. We played with this band at Youngblood Showcase 2010 and I was pretty stoked on the energy they put out. We've played with them a few more times and it's always been really awesome. I can't really compare them to a band because they have some edge to them compared to alot of other bands playing youth crew hardcore. In some songs I hear sort of a Crumbsuckers influence which I love to hear.

Next isn't so much a demo because it's an EP. But the guy that runs Back to Back is in Disengage so they can do what they want. For some reason when I listen to this I am reminded of Insted and Chain of Strength but with more punch.

Last is United Youth. I heard all the hype about them being like 15 year olds playing hardcore and I was hoping for a Crippled Youth style band. To my surprise they sound more like Desperate Measures than Crippled Youth, which isn't a bad thing. I am pretty stoked on this band and their 7" has come out on Lockin' Out but I haven't seen it on the shelves yet in Chicago.

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