Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back 2 Back.

These bands are sort of old news now in this here information age but I still think as far as bands trying to sound like youth crew Wilkes Barre, PA bands and label Back to Back are holding it down. I figured I'd post some of the bands demos that I've been listening to frequently. My record player that converts to MP3 is acting a fool so I can't do much aside from post downloads I have on my iTunes.

First up, Stick Together. We played with this band at Youngblood Showcase 2010 and I was pretty stoked on the energy they put out. We've played with them a few more times and it's always been really awesome. I can't really compare them to a band because they have some edge to them compared to alot of other bands playing youth crew hardcore. In some songs I hear sort of a Crumbsuckers influence which I love to hear.

Next isn't so much a demo because it's an EP. But the guy that runs Back to Back is in Disengage so they can do what they want. For some reason when I listen to this I am reminded of Insted and Chain of Strength but with more punch.

Last is United Youth. I heard all the hype about them being like 15 year olds playing hardcore and I was hoping for a Crippled Youth style band. To my surprise they sound more like Desperate Measures than Crippled Youth, which isn't a bad thing. I am pretty stoked on this band and their 7" has come out on Lockin' Out but I haven't seen it on the shelves yet in Chicago.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Before the weather turns to shit here we usually have a contest/cookout thing at the skatepark. I have judged afew of these in the past and my old band Despond played the 2nd Big Ollie Olympics. This was the first one I've attended at BASIK though. Got a couple good shots with the new Bower fisheye lens that I picked up in Chinatown in SF while at the React Showcase.
Tim Keene
krook to gap.

Sean Hathcock and Justin Sorensen.
Mike Kenobe
F/S 5-0
Matt Webb
Mike Kenobe
F/S tailslide
Stuart Dodge
F/S 5-0
Front Rock
Stuart Dodge
Blunt fakie

Smoking's cool.

Fuck off.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ol' Flint Town.

Whenever I'm in Flint Michigan I always wind up skating this weird little cement skating rink thing they got by the river on the U of M campus. It's not the best spot but it's close to Consolidated and for flat ground it's the smoothest concrete around. Lately skateboarding is the only thing in my life that doesn't give me a headache. Thank god I've got her.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Old Deluxe.

Deluxe Tattoo has expanded into the space next door that used to be a bar called El Gato Negro, which when I lived down the street in 2001/2002 was a pretty notorious drag bar. Now a brand new remodeled tattoo shop with new tile, paint, lighting, counters, the works. It's really nice and spacious that accommodates the dozen or so knuckleheads that work there.
But next door the old shop space remains, and this is the Deluxe I always knew and remembered. Right now it's just used for storage and a place to sterilize equipment. So I snuck in and took some pictures of a few of the gems they have hanging up in there.

CHRIS again!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


Me and my brother both got haircuts in Indianapolis too. My pal Mitch hooked it up. Him and his dad work side by side in a small store front that's built into a house. It's got a hand painted sign that's just killer. Shop's these days don't seem to have much hand made stuff, but lately tattoo shops and barber shops seem to be pushing more and more in a better direction. Mitch also has one of the best collection of tattoos going on anyone I know in the midwest... his back piece is gonna be epic when Chad finishes it. Did I also mention he plays guitar in Overpower? The man with everything.

Gum Shoe.

Little freestyle on Mitch.

Jaybird on Andrew. HxC kids always gotta have lyrics with the tattoo.

Wedged between Kopelinger and Krak.

One of my new flash pieces that I got to tattoo on Derek.

I've got a reputation for great hand jobs.

These are some of the tattoos I did in Indy. Seriously a good time!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Irish Ink

Watching skate vids.

My brother got tattooed by Ben McQueen.

Mitch was creepin'.

John Deweese painting some ish.
It was a pretty busy couple of days in Indianapolis. I hadn't really been there for a non Noose related event since Jr. High. The weather was kind of squirrelly so I didn't do any skating outside of pushing around like a kook in front of the shop. The shop's lay out is pretty small and simple but it works well. It's one of the few shops that probably has my flash hanging up... so I guess that's a plus. Everyone was really cool and nice but it seemed like everyone was really worn out so not much insanity happened. Just good tattooing and good time spent.

Little Sidwalk Surfer Girl.

Healed pic of a 70's style skater betty I did on Dee Dee.