Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Young Blood.

I finally got this in the mail from Sean Youngblood. Giancarlo DiMarchi did the artwork for the flier for YBshowcase. I think it's awesome, Friday the 13th has always been one of my favorite horror films and in Freddy vs Jason my favorite scene is when he butchers all the jocks in the corn field and then gets lit on fire and just keeps killing. The screen printing job done on this flier is also pro as hell, I wish i could do layering like this but I'm not at that level yet. It was done by Bird Apartment Printing run by Tom from Rain on the Parade.

This was also one of the most memorable shows I've ever played and I think Sean did an amazing job and his label is one of the few that has consistently put out good records without trying to fit in with the trends.

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