Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lake Effect-No One Listens, No One Cares. (Selected Discography)

Lake Effect was a band I started after talking with my good friend Drew about how no one was playing power violence anymore and that Spazz and Crossed Out were my two favorite bands, he agreed that it'd be cool to do a band like that and since our old Carry On/Buried Alive rip off band had just broken up we were free to write some songs and have fun with it. We wrote Forget the Pit, and then it occurred to us that neither of us had ever played and sang at the same time before, but it literally took us 15 minutes of playing the song to get it passable. We wrote some other songs and one of the guys from People Again recorded our demo in Drew's basement. The band was basically about straight edge, skating, and hating everyone. We played a show in Milwaukee with Voetsek with only three songs, I did alot of talking in between songs and making an ass of myself to kill time.

From that point on the scene elite of Milwaukee never asked us to play a show again, but we crashed pretty much every show we could, thanks to Protestant. I'm proud to say that we are one of the few local bands that has had a pit going at the UWM student union, which is quite a feat considering the Milwaukee scene at that point was a bunch of old dudes that would get mad at kids for moshing because they might spill their 40 of shitty beer they picked up before the show. Lake Effect was the antithesis of whatever that lame ass attitude was. We toured shortly after that; playing Lawrence, KS, Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, LA (Ryan San Martin booked most of the LA shows for us, later formed Rhino Charge), and Oakland. LA was where we met Ryan San Martin for the first time and he was a huge supporter of our band and a good friend. It should be noted that Joe Harder also got us on a show at the Cobalt out in LA. Oakland was cool because that's where Paul Barfo met us, videotaped our set and started talk of doing a split with us. We also met Hostile Takeover and we chilled hard with those guys and became good friends with them, Rich went on to be in In Disgust and has been solid ever since.

I moved from the midwest and didn't do Lake Effect for awhile. Until I started booking shows in Tucson and needed a band to open them, me and Tyler were friends and he knew the demo so we played as Lake Effect for a show I booked for All Your Colleges Are Dead and Antlers. We played alot of shows and recorded another demo, did the Godstomper split, and the Signs of Impending Doom comp. We flew to the midwest to play with the Effigies and Weekend Nachos in Champaign, IL and did afew shows in Milwaukee. We did a west coast tour with Protestant and Rhino Charge in 2007. The tour was awesome even if the shows were sometimes poorly attended and I had to drive my Honda Accord full of dudes with no A/C the whole time since Tyler didn't have a drivers license. Playing with Crime Desire was pretty rad, and sharing part of the tour with Loser Life was pretty cool too but getting to see Rhino Charge and Protestant play everyday took the cake.

After that tour we started recording the Bizarre X split 7". We did the Intro, My World, and Sickmind (which I think was one of our best songs and the newer songs like Human Hate and Halfman Machine would have been awesome if Tyler would have stuck around.) for that 7" and the drums for the other songs in my living room on my computer. Then Tyler bugged out and I didn't see much of him from that point on. I finished the songs alone and put the record out myself on my own label called Cabin Fever. I got 300 but probably only sold about 100. I did screen printed covers with my own artwork on them and the rest are in a box at my mom's house with no covers or anything. That's how the band ended, though I talked about doing a final show with John Caution of Weekend Nachos and Cyborg on drums but that never happened. There was also talk of doing a Bastard Noise type thing with Septic Surge that never materialized. The last thing that we put out was My World on the Product of Six Cents comp. The band just died.

So here are most of the songs Lake Effect recorded. I omitted some that I thought would be redundant to include, or that sound horrible. The first three are pretty much the last stuff Tyler and I recorded together before he disappeared to do Alters. Tracks 14 to 17 are from the first demo that I did with Drew drumming and doing vocals. Love it or hate it, this band was pretty much all me and whoever I could convince to drum at the time and was one of the most awesome things I've ever been part of. I know alot of people probably don't care but if I don't tell the bands story no one will.


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Ryan San Martin rules. My band stayed with him last summer. Super nice dude. Next time... Countervail reunion.