Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lakai- Mariano All Weather Hi Top.

I don't ever really post about shoes ever. I've always thought of men that are into clothing for the most part are Sally's, and grown men that are into shoes/shoe collecting are kind of the top of the pile of Sally's (with few exceptions.). Especially people who collect Dunks, A:) Dunks usually look like Juggalo gear. B:) Dunks were how Nike finally infiltrated my beloved skateboarding by making limited runs of these damn shoes available only at skate shops which helps skate shops get that sneaker nerd dollar, but hurts me because I have to wade through crowds of kooks to pick up a deck or wheels. C:) most Nikes aren't vegan.

I've always worn Vans, or Emerica's for the most part when it comes to shoes for skating. Any Ed Templeton shoe on Emerica is vegan and he's a skater I always admired. Geoff Rowley XLT's were good but that dude sold out vegetarianism so they tend to not be vegan friendly anymore (typical Protestant maneuver.). I wore out my last pair of Ed's and needed new shoes so I went to Uprise to get a new pair. Despite being one of the only core shops in Chicago, and one of the only real skate shops that has as deep of roots in skating in the midwest, Uprise is pretty much the center of Nike SB in Chicago, Dread (owner) had a god damn custom Blazer made for him and the shop by Nike. On top of this Uprise never seems to have the vegan friendly shoes I like to skate, though that's not their fault, they just carry what sells. So going into it I was prepared to walk out of there with no shoes to skate.

After looking through the bargain shoes and perusing the shoe wall I had hit a dead end... until I noticed these baby's!

Vegan friendly, high grade Nubuck synthetic suede, and a fuckin' Hi Top! Also a Guy Mariano pro model, (the only Italian I respect) and pretty comfortable. The real test came later that night when I skated street. The most comfortable and natural feeling shoes I've skated in some time. I could really feel the board well and for flipping the board these shoes are on point. They also have the look and feel of old style Jordans which from what I remember were pretty good skate shoes even if they weren't intended for that purpose. I never thought of myself as a Lakai person, but if they keep making these shoes this way I might become one.


Dia said...

NICE blog. . good words and fresh perspective. . thought I was the only one who felt that way ; ) glad you like. . I designed them w/ Vegans in mind. . Aj Dia (lakai designer)

Matt Wes said...

Awesome job on the shoes man! Thanks for checking out the blog and leaving a comment, sometimes i think no one reads this damn thing.