Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Overpower-Demo 2010.

We played in Indianapolis on the way back from Baltimore at a really small hole in the wall place called the Dojo that was in a pretty crappy neighborhood from what I could tell. The show was awesome and the kids there have alot of heart and seem to have a good scene going. One of the bands that played was Overpower, a straight edge powerviolence hardcore band. First of all their singer, Jacob, is friends with our friend/merch dude/life coach Nate "Road Dog" Ling, so he gets points for being down with a down ass dude. It should also be noted that Jacob has three X's tattooed across the top of his head and basically looks like a total maniac but is a pretty straight up dude from our short conversations. Once his band starts playing though he pretty much goes ape shit and the band is tight as can be and plays Powerviolence how it should be played... fast, clean, and pissed as hell.

The demo is recorded really well but it's all on one track instead of being divided up. So here's a track list for you.


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