Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing Earned.

The Young Blood showcase trip was pretty awesome, I didn't get many photos though. I have some instants i took that need to be scanned. There was like a dozen kids from Chicago there and that really helped us get a good reaction for our set and it was awesome that Chicago came and represented like that in Baltimore. I wish I could have gotten more crew shots of the other kids but that show was pretty hectic.

This dog is named Jenny and she rules.

We bought some fireworks in PA but didn't get around to lighting them off. In Milwaukee we were shooting bottlerockets out of the open van doors as we were going down the highway.

Nate from Closing In did our merch, and drove long distances late at night like a terminator.

Joey started skating again on this trip.

Kyle doesn't skate.

Some of the Indianapolis kids showed up to skate the park with us.

Bucky was pretty battle torn from the weekend.

Nate was kicking it and killing it... best back 50/50 around.

And on that note...

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