Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Lightning.

This here's a sheet I painted and was planning on sending to Jeremy Ross, but he came to town to cover Turbo's shifts while he was on a bike run. More tattooers need to wear Dropdead t shirts, or just know who Dropdead are. I tattooed the bird on Bill's brother and it looks like someone wants to get the grim reaper made of star dust.

I finally went in and got my tattoo from Chris Smith over at Deluxe. It's a beaut, couldn't be more happy. Deluxe is still probably my favorite shop in Chicago besides Family.

Was up on the roof of the new building the shop occupies with my bud Gnarly Bryan who moved to the chitty city from Tucson. He took a picture of the view to send to his mom, who is awesome. The view of down town from our roof deck is pretty righteous.

This is my tattoo area at the shop, I got a little retarded with my art collection. This isn't even all of my collection though, I'm screwed.

Finally got this fucker finished.
I always draw girls with fat pussies.

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Sage said...

Nice neck/dagger thing! I've been thinking about somethin' like that for a while.

ps, lets hang out sometime.