Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taught their English to our young.

I still suck at lettering. I hadn't painted much in awhile because of all the other junk going on, took me two days to get this thing down from sketch to painting it. Then it took about another day to do the paint marker details I wanted to do and do the border and the rivets. I remember practicing sign painting and pin striping at Jeff Williams' garage and this painting kind of brought those memories to the surface. I would go over there and work on my lines with him while I was still apprenticing at Top Notch. Partially because I wanted to impress Cleen and partially because I had a thing for Jeff's daughter. I think aside from doing pin striping helping my hand with doing tattoo line work I also gained a lot of knowledge of classic cars and Jeff gave me a spare coup seat for the Chevy I built. Wish I had pictures of the car.

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