Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'51 Chevy Deluxe.

Found this in a tow lot at 21 for 300$. Restored it from the ground up and modified a few things. Drove it for a month when one day Zack says "This would be a cool lead sled." First time chopping a car. First time channelling doors. First time cutting springs and lowering the suspension. Rattle can paint job, graffiti skills came in handy. Got respect from the older guys, Joe gave me an Offenhauser carb. Jeff gave me a coupe seat. Made grill out of bumper ends. Custom bumper job too. Added flame throwers to the exhaust. Drove it in Justin's wedding. Sold it to move to Arizona.

Friday, September 24, 2010


In the mid 90's in Wisconsin, there was a pretty healthy emo/hardcore scene that produced alot of bands that to me really pushed the sound a bit further than a lot of what was going on in other parts of the country at the time, like San Diego. Managra are from the Waukesha area which is between Madison and Milwaukee on I-94, kind of a bigger small town but nothing too special. I remember being surprised by this band being from there because I couldn't recall there ever being anything going on there, especially not something this intense and well put together. They were hard to classify at the time because they mixed a lot of different influences. The somewhere between emo and hardcore is where Managra stood, which probably means they just wrote good songs and didn't care about fitting in with whatever fad had hit the larger scene around them. Watching them live was like watching a contained explosion in a rubber room, they expand and contract only to do it over again. It didn't ever seem to matter to them if there was an audience to watch them, they were playing and interacting with each other solely and ignoring everything outside of what they were doing as a band on stage at that moment.
Modern Day Remembrance was the only LP they put out. Though I have one of their 7"s as well and I think they put out stuff on comps too. It's a weird trip to my childhood listening to this record now and although Managra might not be the most influential band around, they're important to me and I think they need to get more recognition for the contribution to the Wisconsin hardcore scene.
There's a pretty good video of that someone put together by combining a few different pieces of footage from different shows to one of their songs that I've included so you can hear and see what I'm talking about. Managra was a band best seen live to get the full effect.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Joe Haasch was here the other month.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Erasing the Past.

I covered up a solid as fuck straight edge X the other day. Big ass gorilla head coming at ya. It says FTW under it.

Finished this little experiment today.

Taught their English to our young.

I still suck at lettering. I hadn't painted much in awhile because of all the other junk going on, took me two days to get this thing down from sketch to painting it. Then it took about another day to do the paint marker details I wanted to do and do the border and the rivets. I remember practicing sign painting and pin striping at Jeff Williams' garage and this painting kind of brought those memories to the surface. I would go over there and work on my lines with him while I was still apprenticing at Top Notch. Partially because I wanted to impress Cleen and partially because I had a thing for Jeff's daughter. I think aside from doing pin striping helping my hand with doing tattoo line work I also gained a lot of knowledge of classic cars and Jeff gave me a spare coup seat for the Chevy I built. Wish I had pictures of the car.

White Lightning.

This here's a sheet I painted and was planning on sending to Jeremy Ross, but he came to town to cover Turbo's shifts while he was on a bike run. More tattooers need to wear Dropdead t shirts, or just know who Dropdead are. I tattooed the bird on Bill's brother and it looks like someone wants to get the grim reaper made of star dust.

I finally went in and got my tattoo from Chris Smith over at Deluxe. It's a beaut, couldn't be more happy. Deluxe is still probably my favorite shop in Chicago besides Family.

Was up on the roof of the new building the shop occupies with my bud Gnarly Bryan who moved to the chitty city from Tucson. He took a picture of the view to send to his mom, who is awesome. The view of down town from our roof deck is pretty righteous.

This is my tattoo area at the shop, I got a little retarded with my art collection. This isn't even all of my collection though, I'm screwed.

Finally got this fucker finished.
I always draw girls with fat pussies.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Noose demos!

We played our demo release show tonight with Cyborg, Bear Trap, and Thought Crusade at Albion house. Shannon was going to take pictures but I guess Bucky almost punched her in the face in the first two seconds of the first song of our set, so she just hung back. These demos turned out nice I'm really proud of how the cover art looks and how the lay out came together. The Rambo color job on the tape is also pretty choice. You can pick them up off of our blog I think. Or just ask one of us for one, they go for $3.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Traffic Video.

Bucky hipped me to this short little video. Some innovative east coast street shit here.