Monday, August 09, 2010

Save the Turf.

I just wanted people to be aware of what's going on with this. I'm unsure of what people are planning to do to help get the park back to skateable condition. I've just added their Facebook and I've been keeping in eye on and to keep myself informed. I never got to skate the clover bowl as a kid but would love to have a chance to try and skralp afew grinds on that fucker, so I'm keeping the dream alive.

My buddy Jay Olenik does block printing and did this poster, I think he's selling them to help raise money. Email him for one

Save The Turf.

Milwaukee seems to always have more going on skating wise than Chicago, and for the most part has better street spots... just sayin'.

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these are printed. new ones to raise funds will be available soon. email me at for more info.