Monday, August 23, 2010


I took pictures of some of the tattoos I did for Friday the 13th but they were all with my cellphone and my cellphone decided to stop working because of some sort of software failure... so... I've failed yet again at being a blogger. I also was supposed to get tattooed by Chris Smith recently but got sick and had to cancel and since then have been too busy doing bullshit preparing for the shop to move locations to really reschedule anything with him. So... more failures. Tim Beck's in town but I don't think I'll see much of him. Joe Haasch was guesting at the shop and I got a few instant photos of him working. Lately I haven't had much interest in documenting anything, work's been too busy! And when I'm not doing that I'm skating, playing bass, or riding around on my bike.

I've got a few new paintings and sheets of flash I've been working on. I'm kind of keeping to myself lately because I'm not really feeling Chicago's "tattoo community" and I'd rather just not hear all the gossip and trash talk. I'd rather just do work and try to stay motivated. Maybe I'll post something cool in the near future. Maybe I'll stop being such a loser, nah, you know that ain't happening.

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