Monday, June 07, 2010

True Romance.

I got to tattoo my friends Tony and Natalie Slater the other day for their wedding anniversary and it was pretty awesome. They decided on doing the True Romance tattoo of the cherub and banner with names. I kind of did it my way because the design from the movie is sort of weak, all it needed was alittle more cleaning up and it made a pretty fun little ditty. The X'd up hand was a nice touch.

Whenever I hang with the Slaters, Natalie always bakes me something awesome. This time it was vegan cheesecake chocolate chip brownies. I've never had a damn cheese cake brownie in my life, and normally I get bummed on vegan cheese cake because it's either too thick or too "Tofu-y" but these things are spot on! They have a faint bitterness that reminds me of real cheese cake but with the sweetness of the chocolate chips and chocolate brownie it's a good complimentary flavor. So thanks a ton Natalie! Also in case you didn't know she does the Bake and Destroy website, which I did some shirts for this past week. Go see what she's got going on over there and buy some cool gear from her.


Natalie said...

Aw thanks for the review, Matt! My tattoo is healing awesome, by the way. It's fun to have someone to bake vegan stuff for given that Tony hates all of you people.

Sandy B said...

Matt, THANK YOU for printing up those shirts for Natalie. I'm anxiously awaiting some that I ordered. Although I've never had one of her vegan brownies, I have had one (ok, maybe three) of her kick ass cupcakes and they were amazing. Also, the tattoos = awesome. Great work

Stacie said...

I need a vegan brownie...I had a vegan cupcake yesterday from Angelfood Bakery. I think it's my favorite cupcake ever!!