Tuesday, June 22, 2010

L.R. Minugh acetates.

Eric Minugh, son of Lee Roy Minugh, came to the shop the other week and was selling some books of stencils and flash from his fathers famous shop. Along with Lee Roy's stuff he had a big collection of Owen Jensen stuff who worked at Lee Roy's shop in his later years. Eric also had a lot of photographs from tattooing's past. I bought a few books and asked if he had any original acetate stencils for sale, and it turns out he had quite a few at very reasonable prices.

I bought these two because the baby doesn't appear to be a piece of flash. I imagine a customer brought in a picture and the stencil was cut from that as reference. Old portrait style tattoos always interest me. The Airborne style design I picked up because I liked the Design and it was signed by Lee Roy Minugh.

Eric has a ton of cool stuff, and told me some pretty cool stories about Owen Jensen while he visited our shop, but he doesn't have a single tattoo. I guess his mom wouldn't allow it and he's stuck to it his whole life.

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Dave Moy said...

Sweet! Was he selling any Owen Jensen goods?