Tuesday, May 04, 2010

True Grit.

When did it become more about who you associate with than who you actually are? Why does it seem that it's more about the style of work you do than the quality? Or maybe it's always been this way and I've got it wrong.

Tattooing is changing, but a lot seems to stay consistent throughout the years. I'm no different, just a drop in the bucket and I know it all too well.

In the coming few days or maybe weeks I'll post some paintings and maybe a tattoo or few. I've got new stickers I'm doing and new shirts for myself and I'm also printing the new Bake and Destroy shirts for Natalie so I'll post that stuff too once they're done. I'm going to Richmond again to visit friends and get tattooed so there'll be a bigger post about that once that happens. So I guess I'm just saying to stay tuned and bear with me, I've been really damn busy with work and my other interests to really spend too much time on this thing.

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