Saturday, March 06, 2010

Freedom isn't free.

I went to Peoria for four days this week and worked a bit at Freedom Ink Tattoos to hang out with my friend Tim Beck, who owns Freedom and his apprentice Zach Dole (THEE Zack Dole!). I've never been to Peoria before so I didn't really know what to expect. For some reason Dekalb like visions were in my brain the whole drive out, but I was surprised with to find that P-town is a city simular to Milwaukee or Tucson, just way less sketchy.

Tim's shop is in a small strip mall off one of the bigger roads in Peoria and is easy to get to off the interstate. It's not in downtown Peoria but it's in a pretty busy area as far as car traffic.

The shop is totally open and there are couches for people to sit on and hang out. It's a pretty comfortable environment to be in. It was a big change from the maze that we have built at Family for sure.

The next two pictures are of a piece Tim did on a client of his. I love the pin up style indian girl, the spear is awesome. The background of flames and the teepees and fence and all of that was free handed and improvised but adds so much to the tattoo. I also dig the hidden good luck sign in there.

This is on one of Tim's clients who came in to show Tim how his chest piece eagle had healed. A great rework of a classic Sailor Jerry design. Tim does color stuff too but I just happened to take pictures of black and grey stuff this time around.

Here's a few tattoos I did on my trip.

I drew up a few designs but there were no takers this time around, so me and Tim put them on a flash sheet and started painting on it one of the nights I was there. He's finishing up his half and mailing it to me. I'll post it when it's done.

Me and Zach Dole.

Me and Tim Beck.

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