Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hate Tank

I photographed the process of painting that I use when doing flash sheets or anything else really. The big difference with this one from others is that I made the frame myself for this painting using the new table saw I bought and the chop saw. I spray painted the frame black to match the taped edge that I applied to the painting and then sealed the painting to the frame with high gloss poly seal so no glass was needed to be cut. I like the look of the poly seal more anyways it brings out the colors more so and makes the painting feel more solid. Don't expect a step by step on how I do all of this, if you can't figure it out from the pictures you probably shouldn't be painting this kind of stuff anyways.


sara said...

sincere thanks for detailing this process. always wanted to know how you cast the gloss over those things.

and where the hell do you have a table saw set up? in your apartment? i want a table saw.

Ryan said...

haha thats awesome man. i love that