Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Desperate Measures- Never Enough Time LP

I saw this band by accident when I was visiting Tucson but living in Milwaukee. My old friend Tim and I decided to kidnap this kid Vinny and go to San Diego. I was way down because I had never really been to California before, and I wanted to go hang out with Kim Yount.

I knew Mental was playing but I had never heard Desperate Measures before. The show was awesome and I bought this CD and a tshirt, wished I would have gotten the LP since I ordered it on red from Youngblood but it never came. I met alot of cool kids there and got to hang out with Kim and the guys from Blue Monday and I'm pretty sure this is where I met Joe Harder. Scott Vogel was there and we talked a bit. The mosh was amazing. This is probably one of my favorite bands in hardcore of the early 2000's. Part Gorilla Biscuits, part Supertouch, and alittle Sick Of It All.


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Alex Kass (Alexander Kazlauskas) XVX said...

and all making one entity that is totally awesome.

love that band.