Sunday, February 28, 2010


Trying different color prints on the press. I like this one, it's not as loud as the yellow print.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

There's a reason for it all.

Yet another cellphone photo of a painting I made for someone. I'm on a roll. I always paint wolves, I'm good at them and they look cool. I think I was going for a weird fucked up on purpose look with this one since I see alot of guys painting traditional stuff and making it looked fucked up on purpose with sketchy line work and stuff sort of disproportioned, which I suppose is to try to harken back to when guys who couldn't draw were tattooing and painting flash. I guess I can say I tried but I don't know how successful I was.
I printed t shirts yesterday for nearly six hours and only fucked up about 6 of them, so I'm improving.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Joe and Mabel Darpel design I was fortunate enough to tattoo.

I like alot of the old circus stuff.

Who cares.


I can never get good pictures of tattoos I do because the lighting at the shop sucks so terribly. I probably need to take a photo class or something and re learn a few things. I've been really busy tattooing and when I'm not tattooing I'm painting. I haven't taken pictures of everything I've done, which isn't a smart thing but I'm allowed to be dumb every once in awhile.

Here's a picture of a hand tattoo I did that turned out decently.

Here's a painting I did for Turbo at Taylor Street Tattoo. Did the frame too. I sometimes try to do art paintings but I'm more comfortable doing flash type paintings rather than trying to be artsy or fartsy. I like to keep it utilitarian I suppose. The girls I've been painting lately look like a certain former girlfriend of mine and I don't know why.

Do what it says and fuck the world.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You make me feel like shit.

I went to Milwaukee to see Andres Luna. One of my best friends and a major mentor to me in terms of tattooing and in life. It was awesome to see him, but being in Milwaukee reminded me of why I left many years ago. Namely everyone is broke and looking for hand outs and no one does shit except sit around. Not that Chicago is much better, but Milwaukee just seems so much lazier.

Anyways, I went to the shop he works at Atomic Tattoos. Which I guess is a chain of tattoo shops out of Florida. I guess there's a bunch of them around and two in Milwaukee. Here's some pictures. Uninspired, I know.

Monday, February 15, 2010

GTC at Taylor Street.

Good Time Charlie graffiti in the back room at Taylor Street Tattoo.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gentle Giant.

I wrote some lyrics for this band me and my brother are doing as a recording project, though I'd really like to play a few shows sometime. This is what I came up with for the demo cover.

Going for Lifetime/Kid Dynamite, 88 Fingers Louie, Shook Ones, Grey Area, (early) Saves The Day style but with harder lyrics. I'll post what we record, though demo tapes are awesome to have hard copies of.


More progress.

Hate Tank

I photographed the process of painting that I use when doing flash sheets or anything else really. The big difference with this one from others is that I made the frame myself for this painting using the new table saw I bought and the chop saw. I spray painted the frame black to match the taped edge that I applied to the painting and then sealed the painting to the frame with high gloss poly seal so no glass was needed to be cut. I like the look of the poly seal more anyways it brings out the colors more so and makes the painting feel more solid. Don't expect a step by step on how I do all of this, if you can't figure it out from the pictures you probably shouldn't be painting this kind of stuff anyways.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kid Dynamite.

If you don't like this band we probably wouldn't get along.

I finally wrote some songs for Gentle Giant.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Desperate Measures- Never Enough Time LP

I saw this band by accident when I was visiting Tucson but living in Milwaukee. My old friend Tim and I decided to kidnap this kid Vinny and go to San Diego. I was way down because I had never really been to California before, and I wanted to go hang out with Kim Yount.

I knew Mental was playing but I had never heard Desperate Measures before. The show was awesome and I bought this CD and a tshirt, wished I would have gotten the LP since I ordered it on red from Youngblood but it never came. I met alot of cool kids there and got to hang out with Kim and the guys from Blue Monday and I'm pretty sure this is where I met Joe Harder. Scott Vogel was there and we talked a bit. The mosh was amazing. This is probably one of my favorite bands in hardcore of the early 2000's. Part Gorilla Biscuits, part Supertouch, and alittle Sick Of It All.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rocket Rick's.

Tanqe Verde Swapmeet in Tucson... Still chuggin' along.

Thanks Clinton!

Tim Beck/Matt Wes sheet.

I'm sorry, we didn't mean to spank the baby into next month... shit happens.