Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Radio Silence.

I heard that John Joseph was gonna be playing Cro-Mags songs at a show in LA for free from my good friend Ryan San Martin of the bands Rhino Charge/Artic Choke/Wet Reckless. So I packed up my jeep and drove the 9 hours from Tucson to Los Angeles for some adventure. The show was just down the street from Amoeba records in downtown at a large theater. I saw Joe from Try Harder/Pressure/Fortunate Son who I hadn't seen in afew years. Met Ryan's brother Touch who does photography for a living, most notably for Lord Ezec. Todd Tyler from Broken Needle was there too who I hadn't seen since Lake Effect's tour.

I didn't really realize that I had to register to get into the show through some Nike website thing. Apparently the show was more of a party than a show, celebrating the release of this book "Radio Silence/A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music". So I waited around outside until the bouncers were distracted and Ryan and Todd sort of ran interference so I could sneak in. They had the leather jacket pictured on the cover of the book in a glass case. Before the show they had a Q & A with the authors and some of the notable people that the book has featured. I want to say Todd Youth was there but I can't remember because I don't care about that crap. They were selling T-shirts with some of the photos from the book printed on them for way too much. I bought a Cro-Mags shirt for my friend and landlord Brent Hartley. I did also get to meet famous skateboard photog Atiba Jefferson and even more notable photographer/magazine editor Lance Dawes. Atiba sort of gave me the brush off but Lance was really cool and we talked about Void (because he was wearing a Void shirt) and skateboarding.

Here's one of the cooler shirts of a picture of Matt from Crippled Youth they were selling.

LA shows are always weird to me, but I think this one was especially weird because it felt more like I imagine the MTV music video awards are like to some degree. The stage was pretty big and kids were stage diving, but since there was alot of theater seats there wasn't that big of a pit going and it was kind of restrained. I had to leave and drive all the way back to Tucson for work the next day so I left pretty quick. The next time I saw the Cro-Mags play in Chicago would completely destroy my LA experience.

Radio Silence is a pretty awesome book. It's mostly pictures of records, stickers, t shirts, demo tapes, and live performances of some of the best bands in hardcore from the 80's and 90's. A lot of the pictures are ones I've never seen before this book came out and are all amazing. The pictures are also accompanied by quotes usually pertaining to the picture or a record/shirt that's featured. There's not alot of wordiness to it and I like that, I hate when people try to intellectualize hardcore. It just isn't something worth thinking too much about, it should just be felt and acted upon. I'm a pretty visual person so this book is great for me, and it focuses on the stuff that remains from a very restless and bi polar movement that changes very rapidly without all the scene politics attached to alot of other books like "Burning Fight".

All in all I like the book, but think it's gay that Nike sponsored their book release. At the same time though... the show probably wouldn't have happened the way it did if left up to it's own devices.
You can totally make out my Low Card hat.

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