Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deathbowl to Downtown.

I just got this DVD the other day at Southport. I had heard bits about this documentary on various skateblogs and sites and just the footage in some of the trailers I saw was pretty convincing for me to buy it.

A documentary about skateboarding in NYC is basically like telling the history of the origins of street skating. All the innovative stuff that early NY skaters came up with in the absence of good skateparks and ramps eventually evolved into what we now know as street skating and most of that style's early pioneers came from the city or close by there. The early footage of Mike Vallely and Sean Sheffey alone is worth checking out. Obviously there is a heavy dose of Brooklyn Banks footage, the crazy thing is seeing just how many kids would be skating there on a weekend, you get the impression that it's like a demolition derby of kids trying to get their one trick in, but mostly just crashing into each other.

Most of the time I get tired of listening to New Yorkers take all the credit for everything, but this documentary kept that to a minimum and really just told things straight up. You can't really downplay the east coasts hand in shaping modern skateboarding as we know it and this documentary really informs the viewer of that fact. The still shots and obscure footage of raw street skating through the 80's and 90's are what really make this film stand out though.

Afew things are kind of funny though. The whole thing is narrated by Chloe Sevigny who's voice is pretty droney. Some of the money for the movie came from Mountain Dew, which is pretty XXXtreme! But all of this is pretty easily ignored.

I recommend this for anyone into raw skating.

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