Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Off.

I went to this Japanese place for my day off because I heard about the grocery store and the food court and that nothing was really in English so I figured it'd be quite the adventure. They had a lot of the same stuff I would buy at the Farmers Market in Tucson but it was pretty much all Japanese stuff. The tofu they have is reasonably priced and they have a ton of candy.
The bakery had some pretty sweet little treats.
Doraemon cookies!

Panda's too!

They have a pretty cool bookstore full of magazines and books and manga.
Makes me wish I could read Japanese so I could read Vagabond and Dragonquest Rocket Slime Adventure! Ha Ha.

The coolest discovery I came upon was probably the Tattoo Design Book Volume 2 that Tattoo Tribal puts out. This volume covered dragons and it's a pretty awesome reference to come across. Especially since I've been lacking in the dragon department lately.

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