Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thought Crusade

Thought Crusade is another band from Chicago that I'm pretty hyped on. I'm friends with a few of the guys in the band but I'm pretty honest about bands if you're not in a good one. Pretty straight forward hardcore here, definitely got a youth crew influence, but I wouldn't say 80's style. Something about this reminds me of late 90's early 2k Boston style stuff. It's pretty fast most of the songs on this 7" aren't even a minute.

I just conducted an interview with Ryan Wilson (vocals) for the straight edge zine me and my friend Gnarly Brian are doing called Sledgehammer and there's some pretty great stuff in the interview. I'll probably post it once we put out the zine, since paper is so stone aged in this new era of shit and failure.

I'd like to post some of Ryan Wilson's earlier bands. I still wear my Sidewalk shirt and Expired Youth is a pretty great band. I just lost a lot of demos and stuff in my moves across the country. I'm really upset about losing my Double Crossed demo it had the evil monkey from Family Guy finger pointing on the cover!


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