Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Develompments.

I finally finished the wall of flash I started constructing in the summer. The main hold up was that I was getting plexiglass for free from my friend who works at a auto/marine fabrication place but he wound up flaking out every single time I came to collect. So i wound up going to Home Depot and buying it myself. $100 for two sheets of plexiglass when I only used one sheet and 1/3 of another is real aggravating. Cutting your own plexiglass is also real aggravating. I originally put up some Sailor Jerry sheets in the rack but they were cut to inconsistent sizes and had prices stuck on all of the designs and just looked kind of shitty. So I went through all my flash and picked out a few sheets that I liked that were laminated and put them up. I think it makes the shop look real nice.

I moved in to Frank's old spot. I've hung up a bunch of stuff but want to hang more. I'm gonna be having afew skateboards coming my way to hang up soon and those should look real nice.

Either way I like the new space with all the extra room.

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devin said...

You better not put my crazy face up there!