Monday, December 07, 2009

Mike Vallely fightng in the stands at Ducks game.

I read about this on King Shit. By now I think this might be old news but anyways I thought it's funny how the announcers on this call Mike V a BMXer, then immidiately assume that the guy grabbing the stick was innocent of all wrong doing simply because he doesn't look like Mike and isn't a "BMXer". Which to me seems to be the case, you can just hear it in the announcers voice that they don't take Mike's contributions to skateboarding seriously, they can't even get it right that he's a skater and not a BMXer. Not to mention his contributions to the Ducks franchise.

If they did their research they might have discovered that the little girl in the jersey was Mike's daughter. So look at it this way, the stick is intended for your kid but some mongoloid asshole grabs the stick and intends on keeping it, well that's grounds for an ass beating where I'm from. Sure maybe Mike handled it wrong, it's not the first time he's flipped out on somebody. But you have to look at the guy for who he is. I agree with Dave Carnie by saying that I don't think it's right but I don't think it's wrong.

Apparently the Ducks stripped him of his season tickets and are being real assholes about it. I've never been a Ducks fan anyways so I'm sort of glad that they're showing the fans their true colors. I'm sure there's room for the Vallely family at a Black Hawks game if they want to go enjoy a hockey franchise that isn't tied to Disney and has real history with the sport.


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