Friday, December 04, 2009

Hori Marfu

Rich tattooed me today. I've never gotten a Japanese tattoo before but for some reason I have been wanting a little weird demon dude with some sort of weapon for awhile so I showed Rich some books that we had lying around the shop and he banged this little bastard out. Pretty happy with the result.

Also went to Rich's art show tonight at Randy's Round Up, which is kind of a weird hand made arts and crafts boutique type place with some vintage stuff thrown in. It was cool. I wish the art was hung a little lower so my hobbit level eyeballs could peep the art a little better but such is the world. Seemed like a decent turn out and I for sure had fun hanging out with Panda Dan and a few other scum bags that I know. Even Cassie made it out! (Mostly cuz I dragged her there.)

Sorry no pictures, totally forgot my camera.

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