Sunday, November 08, 2009

these are two sheets i did up for George Archer and Zach Dole.

the one i did for George is kind of a thank you gift for him letting me stay at his place when i was out there getting tattooed by him. when he picked me up at the airport we were acquaintances but by the end of my time out there i'd say we became friends. i think the dagger through the skull is worth a damn... the devil head was fun to paint but i gotta work on it some more. the scorpion was just kind of a re imagining of the one i used for my business card.

Zach Dole is Tim Beck's apprentice over at Freedom Ink in Peoria Illinois. it was painted as a trade. he'll be sending me some stuff in the mail and i'll post it when i get it mounted and up in the shop. i do trades pretty often with different people and hopefully i'll get around to posting everything that people have sent me so that i have a sort of catalog of cool artwork. maybe it'll get people's juices going to see some stuff they might otherwise never see.

if all goes according to plan, i'm gonna be part owner of Second City Screen Printing which is basically an excuse for me to make the weird tattoo/skate/band shirts that i've always wanted to make. eventually i'll build a rig so i can print skateboards too. so if you have anything you want printed get at me.

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