Friday, November 13, 2009

Soul Control- Cycles LP

I'm not a big fan of Bridge Nine Records, I think that label has way too much hype surrounding it considering they put out some of the worst records from some of the best bands in the 90's up to now. Example: that Holding On LP they put out is pretty crummy compared to the first LP on Havoc. I still enjoy Carry On and American Nightmare though and they did re-release the Project X 7" but none the less I think the kids these days are too quick to like bands that are on B9 just because they are SUPPOSED to be good, not that they ACTUALLY are good. So when I heard that Soul Control was playing at the Galaxie near my house in Chicago I was skeptical that I would like them. I mostly went to see Poison Planet which is a local edge band from here that I should post up sometime soon. My friend Ryan Wilson from Thought Crusade said that the guitarist from Soul Control was amazing so I decided to give them a chance. Once they started playing I was immediately sucked into a world of amazing riffage and intense musical power. HOLY SHIT! Soul Control delivers something that most bands from the 90's were trying for but very few could actually achieve. Taking alot from Burn, Quicksand, and Supertouch but still coming across new and fresh, doing it their own way they pretty much floored me. Musically they were tight as hell and Ryan was right their guitarist is amazing. How a four piece band with only one guitar can sound so full I'll never know but they sure produce one hell of a wall of sound. I picked up a 7" since I didn't have much money that day and hopefully I'll be able to post that as there is a cover of "Feel the Pain" by Dinosaur Jr. who happen to be one of my favorite bands of all time. If you ever get a chance to see Soul Control I would recommend that you do they were a big breath of fresh air for me being the old salt that I am.

That being said I present to you Soul Control- Cycles LP.
Here are pictures that Chris Z took from that show. See if you can spot me.

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