Sunday, November 08, 2009


I saw this bike while walking the streets of down town Kenosha, Wisconsin with my brother. it was in front of the American Legion hall. i don't know much about motorcycles, in fact, i'm just kind of getting into them. you can't deny that this bike has alot of personality. pretty sure it's a Jap bike so it goes without saying that you can still make 'em look cool at least.

since we're on the subject of motorcycles i figured i'd dig out this picture i took when i first moved to Chicago. i went to Tatu Tattoo to see my buddy Frog when i noticed this picture. i immediately recognized Mt. Lemmon in the background and it took me all of two seconds to realize the fella riding the bike in the picture was Mack, owner of Black Rose Tattoo in Tucson, AZ. the card on the bottom right of the picture confirms it. Mack taught my old boss Isaiah how to tattoo and i've met him a handful of times after he got out of the joint for some trouble he got into with the ATF. i actually almost worked for him. i don't know him very well but it was funny to see a picture of him hanging on the wall in a shop in Chicago. small world i suppose.

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