Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinosaur Jr.

Lou Barlow

J Mascis

I saw Dinosaur Jr. tonight in Milwaukee with my friend Dana. I was supposed to see Rob Zombie with my brother but Dinosaur Jr. is one of my top five favorite bands of all time probably and who knows when they will break up again and then I might never see them. Especially with the original line up. They played all the jams except for Been There All The Time, which I really wanted to hear. They didn't do the Last Rights cover either. The sound was actually pretty crummy, the vocal mix was real low, the guitar was insanely loud. I mean that's three micd full stacks he's playing through so it better be loud. I video taped Feel The Pain on my cellphone but the volume of the band was so loud the mic didn't really pick it up too good. Not worth posting.

There was not much push mosh going on, which was a big let down for me. Lou Barlow opened the show and did some Sebadoh songs acoustically. I only got to see two of his songs. Then some band from Vermont played and it was just a dude and a girl and they looked like hippies. The dude took his shoes off before they played and did the whole set barefoot, totally hippie bullshit. The sound was really bad but even if it was good I don't think it would help. Their music basically made me want to punch every art school kid in the room.

Best thing about Milwaukee shows are the over weight dudes in football jerseys drinking PBR's and looking shitty. So many hillbillies, so little time.

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