Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This was on my buddy Ryan. I wanted to outline it with a 7 and do the face and other details with a 5 in the statue. I borrowed a unimax 7 or something like that from Rich because I wanted to try it out... Those needles are a bit too tight for my tastes. They turned out to be tighter than the 5 I was using! Gonna go back and thicken up that lettering I think.

Bo Diddley with a cookie head. Tried to put his signature pomped up hair but it just looked like a weird fry cook hat whenever I tried to do it. Was originally thinking about doing the face darker but it looked too blotchy in some of the color tests so I just went cookie colored through out the whole thing. Different sort of thing for me.
Black on this one healed alittle lighter than i would have liked.

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Strick said...

Every time you brought up the bo diddly cookie head this is exactly what I pictured!