Monday, November 23, 2009

Bill Palaster.

This past week Bill Palaster came to town to visit and hung out at the shop for two days or so. Bill worked at Bob Oslon's tattoo shop, Jade Dragon (back when that used to mean something), and Rhino's Quadcity Tattoo. He's been involved in tattooing a long long time. He got his first tattoo at Chicago Tattoo Company back in the 70's if I'm remembering right.

Bill retired from tattooing a bit back and became a fire fighter. He's a great guy with a lot of good stories about tattooing. I took some pictures of some of his tattoos and decided to post them here.

This swallow was done by Scott Harrison. Bill told me that Scott was new to tattooing but always said that he felt this piece was when he was "starting to get it".

I'm not sure who did this panther. I know he had a lot of different people do his background and he'd have it touched up through out the years by different people as well.
Bill is pretty proud of this Nurse. He said he got it after he got out of the service.
This fish was an early tattoo by my boss at Family Tattoo, Lee Leahy.
The shark off to the right over there is Bill's first tattoo. The eagle and flags behind it was done by Fat Joe of Jade Dragon. I'd love to shade and color that piece in someday.

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