Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art blew a fart.

I wanted to post some of the paintings I've acquired through various trades. I just received a few new ones from my friend Hambone but I'll post those later. These are afew of the one's I have hanging in my area at the shop.
I painted a sheet of flash for Ricky Bird over at Bridgeport Tattoo Co. awhile back and he sent me this. It's redraws of some classic stuff. I like the Jensen girls alot. The sheet is actually stuck in the frame with a coat of bar resin so that's what the coin and key are stuck in. Pretty cool.
This one is from Kyle Morrison from when he was working at Bridgeport. He's over at Freedom Ink in Peoria now.
This one is from my friend Kenzo who tattoos at Staring Without Caring in Tucson where I used to work. He's Japanese so that explains the writing on the fire extinguisher.
This is a painting from Mario Desa from when he was working at Deluxe Tattoo. I actually bought this one for like $20 then had it framed years later. I wish i would have bought the other one that was sort of the same painting but slightly different so I'd have an even set.

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