Thursday, November 12, 2009

86 Mentality- Going Nowhere Fast

Do you enjoy bands like Iron Cross? Well 86 Mentality is the band for you. It's actually pretty refreshing hearing this kind of music, the riffs are pretty strong and stand on their own. Skinhead hardcore can go either way, usually it goes in a more uninteresting direction than 86 Mentality does. Musically they remind me of some modern bands like Wasted Time but more gruff and violent sounding, and obviously there's the Iron Cross influence. There really isn't any Oi! or Street Punk influence in the music though a lot of the lyrical content is very skinhead in that most of the songs are about violence or skinhead politics. The name of the band isn't a reference to the year 1986, it's comes from the phrase "he got 86'd from his job" or something like that, as if to say they've checked out mentally and don't really give a fuck. Which I back.

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